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1926 Seth Thomas Commemorative PACKARD MOTOR Clock
This item SOLD on 7/2/2009 for $2,026.00

Circa 1926 Seth Thomas PACKARD MOTORS "Master Salesman" Commemorative Clock Circa 1926 Seth Thomas PACKARD MOTOR Master Salesman Clock The case is brass and measures approximately 5 inches by 4 inches. The clock face measures approximately 2 and one half inches in diameter. There are no numbers on the clock face, rather the letters "PACKARD MOTOR" as shown in photograph. When fully wound the 'minute' hand makes a trip around the dial in about 3 seconds and the 'hour' hand makes a revolution in about 1 and one half minutes. Goofy, yes. The case is inscribed with the name J.V. DODGE. Below the name are the words MASTER SALESMAN and the date 1926. Above the clock face is an insignia with the words "Of A Distinguished Family" and "Ask The Man Who Owns One". On the back is inscribed the following: "THE WHITEHEAD & HOAG CO. NEWARK N.J." PACKARD was an American luxury automobile built by the Packard Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan. The first Packard automobiles were produced in 1899. Seth Thomas Clock Company was one of the most prolific and long lived clock companies. The quality of their products was always maintained at an above average level. Seth Thomas must have sold many clocks in the Lafayette, Indiana area, for out of all the antique clocks repaired there, about 40% are made by Seth Thomas. Many American clock factories in the 19th century suffered factory fires but Seth Thomas was fortunate in this respect. Through conservative growth and taking advantage of the new ideas of others, Seth Thomas was able to enjoy financial stability, whereas many other companies faced financial difficulties. Whitehead and Hoag made many different types of advertising, political, and fraternal items. The company developed and patented celluloid so they could produce advertising more durable than just paper. The most common item they made was the celluloid pin back button. These were mostly advertising, political or commemorative and have a wide range in price depending on their rarity and subject matter. The Whitehead and Hoag Company also made fraternal items including uniforms and accessories. The company was one of the largest of it's kind in the world. And any item marked with their logo should be researched as it is a sign of a quality piece with a potential for value. Thanks for looking! * * * PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING: We ship to the United States only. Please provide a confirmed US shipping address If payment not received within 14 days, item may be re-listed We provide Delivery Confirmation free of charge. Not responsible for items lost in transit If you have any questions concerning our terms and conditions, please email Thank You! * * * TIP: If you've ever been suddenly outbid during the last minute of an auction please take note - You can avoid this unfortunate situation. Here's how: DETERMINE THE ABSOLUTE HIGHEST AMOUNT YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR AN ITEM AND THEN ENTER THAT AS YOUR MAXIMUM BID. EBAY WILL THEN DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU, BIDDING ONLY THE MINIMUM AMOUNT NEEDED TO SECURE YOU AS THE WINNER, EVEN IF THERE IS ONLY 1 SECOND LEFT - You won't be tied to your computer during the last few moments of the auction, and no one but you will ever need know the maximum amount you were prepared to pay. CHEERS!

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