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Terry Pillar & Scroll Clock Mantel Master Piece 1832
This item SOLD on 7/1/2009 for $1,031.67

This is the classic Ely Terry Pillar & Scroll two weight mantel clock of 1832. It is mahogany and it is beautiful and it works fine. It stands 29" tall without the final and 31" with the finial. It is 17.25" wide and 4.5" deep. The dial is 10". The finials are an old castings and are solid. The glasses are all old. If you are looking for a pillar and scroll to restore then this is not the clock you are looking for. The old gentleman that owned this clock has already done the hard and costly stuff for you. The dial has been repainted; the lower tablet has been repainted (by Lee Davis one of the best in the business); The movement has been restored by a master craftsman that provides his services to the NAWCC membership. I think the finish may be original or it may be an old re-do. What remains to be done? The lower tablet should be sealed in with the appropriate putty compound. Perhaps you would want to find a $500 set of genuine finials (not me, these are fine). Maybe you want an old mangy dial (not me, I don't think a dial should look mangy). I want a clock to look beautiful and to run just like it was supposed to do in 1832. This one does. You can pay more and you can buy junk and do the restoration yourself. This clock is ready for your mantel. You won't be disappointed when you unpack this clock. I've bought clocks only to unpack it and realize I bought an old dog that needs everything. You can pick this baby up or you can have it professionally packed by the UPS store (I estimate UPS Shipping with packing to be about $150) or you can use one of the antique blanket delivery services. I also take paypal.

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